Ultimate Mission Guide by SF Chronicle

Ultimate Mission Guide

We are honored to receive such attention from the SF Bay Area region's leading group of journalists, guides and epicureans recording what it is the makes the Mission such a wonderfully attractive yet sublimely beyond words space that your only option is to come visit to truly experience its magic.


Best new restaurants and bars to visit in the Mission right now Dine and drink at the newest spots to break out from the pack by Sarah Fritsche June 17, 2018 sfchronicle.com/restaurants/article/Best-new-restaurants-and-bars-to-visit-in-the-12994417.php

30 classic dishes in SF’s Mission District you have to try Mission classics old & new that put the neighborhood on the culinary map

  1. Margherita at Pizzeria Delfina 3611 18th St., at Guerrero Street

  2. Margarita at Puerto Alegre 546 Valencia St., near 16th Street

  3. Brunch at Foreign Cinema 2534 Mission St., near 21st Street

  4. Ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery 3692 18th St., at Dolores Street

  5. Morning bun at Tartine Bakery 600 Guerrero St., at 18th Street

  6. Okonomiyaki at Namu Gaji 499 Dolores St., at 18th Street

  7. Pupusas revueltas at La Santaneca 2815 Mission St., at 24th Street

  8. Kung pao pastrami at Mission Chinese Food 2234 Mission St., near 18th St.

  9. Dosa at Dosa 995 Valencia St., near 21st Street

  10. Blue corn huaraches at La Palma 2884 24th St., at Florida Street

  11. Any weird drink at Trick Dog 3010 20th St., near Florida Street

  12. Spaghetti pomodoro at Delfina 3621 18th St., near Guerrero Street

  13. Secret breakfast ice cream at Humphry Slocombe 2790a Harrison St., at 24th Street

  14. Fruity sour beer at Almanac 2704 24th St., at Potrero Avenue

  15. Steak burrito at El Farolito 2779 Mission St., at 24th Street

  16. Rebel Within at Craftsman and Wolves 746 Valencia St., near 18th Street

  17. Cheese slice at Arinell 509 Valencia St., near 16th Street

  18. Pasta at Flour + Water 2401 Harrison St., at 20th Street

  19. Tacos dorados at La Taqueria 2889 Mission St., near 25th Street

  20. Cecina taco at La Gallinita 2989 24th St., at Harrison Street

  21. Cheeseburger at ABV 3174 16th St., near Guerrero Street

  22. Street tacos at Taqueria Vallarta 3033 24th St., near Treat Avenue

  23. Fresh melon with lime and chile from frutero street vendor around Mission Street

  24. Korean steak sandwich at Rhea’s Deli & Market 800 Valencia St., at 19th Street

  25. Lebne and flatbread from Samiramis Imports 2990 Mission St., at 26th Street

  26. Fresh tofu and koji-blessed dishes at Yuzuki 598 Guerrero St., at 18th Street

  27. Pizza bianca at Locanda 557 Valencia St., near 16th Street

  28. Mofongo at El Nuevo Frutilandia 3077 24th St., near Treat Avenue

  29. Take-away ravioli at Lucca Deli 1100 Valencia St., at 22nd Street

  30. Bacon dogs at a street vendor Mission and 22nd. streets


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These 2014 stories are still largely relevant four years later as housing, both subsidized affordable and market rate continue to linger in an expensive labyrinth like approval process characterized by many continuances and general uncertainty. For this report a large team of reporters and photographers spent 8 month focused on the blocks near 24th and Folsom Streets.sfchronicle.com/the-mission/

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