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The Merry Month of May features Many Major Annual Events that have evolved to become Carnival like with emphasis on costumes, parades, and having an extraordinary experience celebrating being alive here and now. The culmination comes with the Memorial Day Weekend and Carnaval San Francisco. The festival on Harrison between 16th and 24th Streets features lots of music and dance on four stages

Bay Area Dance Week is from April 27 - May 6. Bust a move at this 10-day celebration of dance featuring over 700 FREE classes, performances, open rehearsals ...

Cinco de Mayo Saturday May 5 San Francisco’s Latino residents and their friends celebrate Califrnio culture with music and fun on Valencia Street from 24th to 21st Streets. May 5.

Main Stage (Valencia @ 24th Street) Community Stage (Valencia @ 21th Street) Visit our Event Page for Schedule of Performers and a list of TOP 10 Mission Margaritas

Brava with Calle 24 & Precita Eyes Muralists present

Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances 2018


Tours begin at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm Brava @ 2781 24th Street

How Weird Street Festival 2018 How Weird Street Faire will be at 12:00 PM on Sunday, May 6 Admission is $20 at the entrances, $15 in advance. Described by the organizers as a place “where weird is normal,” Noon to 8pm in downtown San Francisco. The event is centered at Howard and 2nd Streets, in the heart of the city’s technology and art sectors. Filling in the faire will be thousands of people in colorful costumes dancing in the streets. The How Weird Day Parade will start at 2:22 pm at Howard & 1st Streets, and stop at the Green Alley stage for a reading of the San Francisco Proclamation. Emperor Norton I will be leading the parade. And Mission Delirium will be performing throughout the parade. Come join us in your finest weird attire! . The World Peace Through Technology Organization presents

Mother's Day - May 13th, 2018

TIME to Reserve in for your Mother's Day Brunch in the Mission

Mother's day is fast approaching which means it is time to make plans for brunch! A Mission favorite and MMA member with a unique twist is Foreign Cinema. Their brunch menu offers an wide array of options stemming from pop tarts to oysters but one of their most compelling menu items is their balsamic eggs. There's something for everyone at Foreign Cinema so book soon for a unforgettable dining experience.

Photo By (Yelp Elite) Maleah M.

Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers celebration 2018 Bay to Breakers will be at 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM on Sunday, May 20 Since 1912. These days, up to 50,000 weekend warriors dressed as salmon, chickens and pop-culture characters, jog-walkers taking slugs of unbranded elixers. The 7.5 mile race is still a quintessential San Francisco experience and showcase for the City’s irrepressible color and its affection for eclectic traditions. walk or stumble from the foot of Howard Street (bay) to Ocean Beach (breakers). A great place to watch is Golden Gate Park’s Panhandle.

AIDS Candlelight Memorial (March & Vigil) Sunday May 20th 2018 8pm This annual candlelight vigil begins at 8pm with a solemn procession from the Castro along Market Street, ending on the steps of the Main Library. 35th annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. Register now and join organisations around the world to remember the friends and family we lost and raise awareness about HIV with this year’s theme “Reflecting on our Past, Preparing for our Future!”

Carnaval San Francisco

One of California’s largest annual multicultural festivals, Carnaval celebrates both Latin-American and Caribbean culture and traditions with influences from Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, and Bolivia. Scantily clad dancers adorned with glitter and feathers compete for performance prizes and King and Queen for Sunday’s Grand parade. The street food is pretty hot, too.

San Francisco Silent Film Festival FESTIVAL 2018: May 30–June 3, 2018 at the Castro Theater Take a break from the chatter with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival: a three-day program screening everything from Expressionist gems to classic Charlie Chaplin. Musical accompaniment is also wide-ranging—the soundtrack could be provided be a pianist, a Wurlitzer organist, or something more unusual like an Indian duo or avant-garde chamber group. The Castro is at the end of our historic 16th Street


Ford GoBike wants Docks at 24th St BART station

Erick Arguello, co-founder and president of Calle 24, the merchant and cultural association that scuttled plans for Ford GoBike’s expansion into the 24th Street corridor during the August 2017 launch and told Mission Local. “We’re in discussion. We still need to meet with the full council and our allies in the Excelsior and the East Bay to brief everybody on the discussion and see what everybody thinks.”Arguello said “We’ve met with another bike sharing company for the past six or seven months.” These would be the 27 and 28th GoBike docks in the Mission

Mission District Remains World Class Foodie Neighborhood Last year, 25 new restaurants made the Top 100; For 2018 it’s 18, which reflects the difficulty or remaining on the list where more than 1 out 5 are removed. The Mission District outperforms all other Cities in the SF Bay Area with 10 top100 restaurants. We

  1. Al’s Place Northern California 1499 Valencia St cnr 26th St (415) 416-6136

  2. Californios Mexican and No. California 3115 22nd St b/t btwn So.Van Ness & Capp St (415) 757-0994

  3. Commonwealth No. California 2224 Mission St b/t 19th St & 18th St (415) 355-1500

  4. Delfina Italian 3621 18th St nr Guerrero St (415) 552-4055

  5. Hawker Fare Thai 680 Valencia St nr 18th St (415) 400-5699

  6. La Taqueria Mexican 2889 Mission St nr 25th St (415) 285-7117

  7. Lazy Bear No.California 3416 19th St b/t San Carlos St & Mission (415) 874-9921

  8. Locanda Osteria & Bar Italian 557 Valencia St b/t 17th St & 16th St (415) 863-6800

  9. Tartine Manufactory American 595 Alabama St @ 18th St (415) 757-0007

  10. True Laurel Drink-centric |

Three Most Fun Restaurants in the Mission

Hawker Fare 680 Valencia St. It’s surprisingly easy to get a table at James Syhabout’s Thai-Laotian restaurant When you’ve had enough of the bustle, you can head up the stairs to Holy Mountain, a bar within the restaurant, for a quiet cocktail. — Tara Duggan

Mr. Pollo 2823 Mission St. Reservations a must for the 12 seat four-course tasting menu that blends Venezuelan street food with elevated California cuisine, and all for a screaming deal of $30 a person. The chef who first made Mr. Pollo a sensation, Manny Torres Gimenez, left the restaurant years ago, but under chef Jonny Becklund the food is still great. - Esther Mobley

Lolo 974 Valencia St. All of the art is the work of restaurant co-owner Lorena Zertuche, whose husband, Jorge Martinez, is the chef. Plenty else is fun about Lolo, too: wacky cocktails like the Perfect Stranger, made with jalapeño brine and clarified goat’s milk, or the Parma Sour, which comes heaped with a dome of finely grated Parmesan cheese. - Esther Mobley

Salesforce Tower Lights Its Top Nine Floors

The tower’s 130-foot-tall, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects-designed crown is hollow and has been clad in perforated aluminum panels–ostensibly to enhance the lighthouse or spaceship-shaped building’s symbolic impact on the skyline. The 1100 LEDs, using the energy of five toaster ovens launched May 22nd. Using imagery from cameras scattered around the city,the artwork will translate traffic, the sky, and each night’s sunsets into a public art piece visible for 30 miles in every direction. The fleeting, ephemeral images are an ode to the city’s vibrancy and energy and may even help us sync with the rhythms of the moment and seasons.

Is Twitter the Social Media Platform of 2018? After years of problems the platform appears to be taking off.

Still it seems that Facebook's Instagram gets the most focus from Mission Merchants because it works best. Here's some top tips on growing your followers

New MMA Members: Everlane & Dandelion Chocolate Current Stars of Instagram & the historic Mission District as a birthplace of special SF

Some of the Mission's most prominent and successful merchants have very impressive lists of followers. MMA member Dandelion Chocolate has almost 27,000 followers while Philz Coffee is over 36,000 followers and 45 locations.

However, new member Everlane [461 Valencia /16th] is a superstar of the Instagram universe with an average of over 10,000 likes per post and 484,000 followers the Folsom Street clothing manufacturer who opened their flagship store at our historic intersection of Valencia & 16th St on 3/3 this year. Everlane was founded in 2010 by 25-year-old Michael Preysman with world HQ on Folsom Street. "Our customers tell us all the time that they want to touch a product before they buy it," Preysman said. "We realized we need to have stores if we're going to grow on a national and global scale." There were other reasons, too, he said to the Washington Post: It turns out that even people who buy online prefer to return or exchange items in person. Everlane seeks to create the most beautiful luxury basics with the lowest possible markups and explain this to their customer with radical transparency.

Todd Masonis (CEO and co-founder) graduated from Stanford University in 2001 and built and sold an internet startup with co founder Cameron Ring to Comcast in 2010

That same year, Todd and Cam decided to share their craft chocolate with friends and family and have continued to expand in a uniquely inspired way since. After several years as a vendor at the Thursday 22nd & Bartlett Community Market, they opened in a historic location at 740 Valencia St near 18th Street and recently completed the slow build out of a nearby factory at the corner of 16th and Harrison.

Two key employees are Executive Pastry Chef Lisa Vega, a 2016 Bay Area Star Chefs Rising Stars Awardee and Greg D’Alesandre the Chocolate Sourcerer who travels the world to maintain relationships with producers of the highest quality cacao necessary to achieve the special "bean to bar" best quality of Dandelion.

Dandelion Chocolate books local tours and their website offers many ways to know chocolate including a book and a way to join other chocolate enthusiasts on trips to Mexico where pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations enjoyed chocolate concoctions more than four millennia ago as a gift from the gods

Video Cameras are best 10' to 15' above sidewalks. The Union Square Community Benefits Districts is the current star with 350 cameras often accessed by SFPD. The install and maintenance is handled by MMA member AVS [Applied Video Solutions]

Amazon Go cashier-free store Coming to SF

By Matier & Ross May 14, 2018

"Things change" said David Chiu to Jane Kim's mom while canvassing for London Breed while referencing the period when he and other recent law school grads Chiu, Kim and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo all shared a house in San Francisco.

Echo of 2010 Oakland mayoral election "Ranked Choice" - Vote Leno-Kim in play

Leno and Kim have begun an unprecedented ad calling on their supporters to make the other one their second pick in the instant runoff election. The idea is that, while neither has enough first place voters to beat Board of Supervisors President London Breed, they may win on second-pick votes.

In the 2010 Oakland Mayoral, the top three finishers among a field of 10 candidates were Jean Quan, Don Perata, and Rebecca Kaplan. In the initial tally on election night, Perata led Quan, 40,342 to 29,266 but did not have a majority of the first-place votes. The votes were then re-tallied by eliminating each candidate at the bottom, until one candidate obtained a majority. After several rounds of candidate elimination, the last candidate to be eliminated was Kaplan, the third-place candidate. Though ranked choice voting is promoted as a way to reduce mud-slinging between the candidates, Quan paid for several negative hit pieces on her closest rival.

In 2014, the leading Oakland Mayoral candidates were Quan, Libby Schaaf, a member of the Oakland City Council, and Rebecca Kaplan. Schaff finished with 49% of the vote in the first round triggering redistribution of 3rd place Quan's vote and a 63% victory for her.

Ranked Choice Voting has been advanced by progressives as an effort to to address the argument that voting for someone widely believed to have no chance is to throw away one's vote, and thus may increase voter turnout. However some believe there is too much confusion resulting in an electorate finding an inability for issues of the day to receive needed debate to advance reforms forward.


It's Carnaval Time

"Dionysic stirring arise either through the influence of those narcotic potions of which all primitive races speak in their hymns, or through the powerful approach of spring, which penetrates with joy the whole frame of nature. So stirred the individual forgets himself completely... for a brief moment we become ourselves, the primal Being, and we experience its insatiable hunger for existence. Now we see the struggle, the pain, the destruction of appearances, as necessary, because of the constant proliferation of forms pushing into life, because of the extravagant fecundity of the world will. We feel the furious prodding of this travail in the very moment in which we become one with the immense lust for life and are made aware of the eternity and indestructibility of that lust." Friedrich Nietzsche in 1882 Scraped from

Carnaval's pagan roots have an esoteric and spiritual side. Become a part of this annual parade culture and your May days will become more electric and fun.

Trump Is More Popular Than Democrats Want to Admit say Willie Brown My column last week telling Democrats that bashing President Trump is bad strategy for the midterm elections really struck a chord. Reaction was pretty evenly split between “finally, a sensible Democrat!” and “just WTF is the matter with you?”

One reader made a good point about Trump bashing that I need to keep in mind: “The only thing we have left is making fun of him. Please don’t ask them (Democrats) to stop. It’s the only thing that keeps us sane.”

This is the Carnaval Time Mural by Anthony Holdsworth at the new Mission Bay Kaiser Hospital. Holdsworth with his wife of 38 years, Beryl Landau will be doing their first joint show during the Mission Carnaval Time Season at the Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd St., @ Valencia. (415) 647-5888. Noon-6 p.m Thursday-Monday. Through May 28

Now check out our special 2018 Carnaval San Francisco coverage

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