September 2017

September Events in the SF Mission FIESTAS DE LAS AMERICAS--- Valencia Wine Walk -- LIST: TOP 10 Burritos in SF

SEP 1-2 INFINITE SUMMER then Sep 16-21 Select Dates for THE INFINITE WRENCH at Z Below 470 Florida Street

The San Francisco Neo-Futurists [] present their first-ever summer spectacular: Infinite Summer, a wet n' wild edition of The Infinite Wrench.

In this one-weekend-only performance, the SF Neos want to get you hot and bothered with 30 summertime plays in 60 sweet-and-sticky minutes. We'll show some skin, get a little wet, and make you feel like summer will last forever. Tickets The Infinite Wrench @ Z Below Out with the old, in with the Neo-Future! The San Francisco Neo-Futurists are thrilled to present “The Infinite Wrench,” our ongoing and ever-changing attempt to shift the conventions of live performance and speak to audiences, including those unreached or unmoved by traditional theater.

Queerly Tèhuäntin / Cuir Us: Through Oct. 7. Free. Galería de la Raza, 2857 24th St., S.F.

With this exhibition, Galería de la Raza presents a visual dialog across borders and generations about the ongoing struggle to be simultaneously Mexican or Chicanx and queer, that is, to be who we are. To be queerly tehuantin, Nahuatl for “us”. To be queerly us. Queer—or cuir, as the term is increasingly used in Spanish—in the sense of noncoventional sexualities and nonnormative gender expressions. Cuir us.


September 8-10th 18th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 8:00pm Brava Theater Center @ 2781 24th Street​

Beast Nest --- Suzanne Ciani --- Aaron Dilloway --- JH1.FS3 (Puce Mary / Liebestod) --- Suki O’Kane --- Dax Pierson --- Las Sucias --- Kaori Suzuki --- Waxy Tomb &

September 8th & 9th 2017 at 7.30pm, ODC Theater, @ 3153 17th St

ARS MINERVA presents


An opera in three acts, composed by Pietro Andrea Ziani in 1665

La Circe is inspired by the adventures of Circe, the goddess and magician of Greek mythology made famous in Homer’s Odyssey and in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. After Ulysses escapes Circe’s clutches, the outraged enchantress remains on her island with a number of unlucky captives who will fall victim to her resentment and manipulations.

La Circe will be Ars Minerva third Modern World Premiere recreation.The manuscript of the opera, which resides at the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice, is attributed to Pietro Andrea Ziani (1616-1684) with a libretto by Cristoforo Ivanovich (1620-1689). The most popular supernatural subjects in 17th century Italian opera include Orpheus, the sorceresses Medea and Circe, Hercules, and Ulysses. A variety of librettos have oracle scenes. Incantation episodes, favored in La commedia dell'arte, were also common in Italian opera, along with magic sleep scenes, as well as appearances of ghosts." Saturday

Ars Minerva is a San Francisco-based, performing arts organization created in 2013 by Céline Ricci. Its mission is to engage new and younger audiences for classical music through innovative productions. odc./ticket/

Sep 17, 2017 FIESTAS DE LAS AMERICAS SUNDAY 11-5pm on 24th Street (Mission to Harrison)

Traditional dance, music, food and more. "Experience Latin America". A family friendly alcohol free event​ FEATURING: FOUR STAGES Stage #1 La Placita Capp St. @ 24th Stage #2 Rumba Stage Harrison St. @ 24th Stage #3 Brava Stage York St. @ 24th Stage #4 Latin Rock Stage York St. @ 25th INCLUDING, Dedication to the restoration of the Flags of the Americas. Richard Segovia's House of Latin Rock mural unveiling and dedication at 25th and York St by Latin Rock Inc. with All Star Legends of Latin Rock. Street Performers! Puppet Master Gerardo Perez, Stilt Walkers, Navarro's Martial Arts Academy, Animal Balloons and more!!!

Presented by Calle 24 Latino Cultural District

The Best Burrito Spots In SF -by SFist's Jay Barmann & Beth Spotswood

  1. Taqueria Cancún 2288 Mission St S @19th St (415) 252-9560 "The al pastor burrito at Taqueria Cancún is, in my opinion, the paradigm of the Mission burrito, and the standard-bearer against which all others must be judged. "-Jay Barmann Taquerias feature marinated pork prepared "al pastor" meaning "shepherd style" or on a vertical rotisserie

  2. El Farolito 2779 Mission St @ 24th St BART (415) 824-7877 [plus 4817 Mission St at Russia Ave, 2950 24th St at Alabama & 358 Beach Street ] "unreasonably gigantic burritos More like El Fart-olito, ammirite?"

  3. Taqueria La Cumbre 515 Valencia St b/t 17th St & 16th St (415) 863-8205

Serve-yourself-salsa bar The publicity of being the originator of the Mission Burrito has made it into more of a tourist destination but the increased attention hasn't caused a change in quality unlike the other claimant, El Faro [corner of Folsom & 20th] who no longer gets the crowds needed to maintain a fresher steam table.

  1. La Taqueria 2889 Mission St b/t 24th & 25th Sts (415) 285-7117

In 2017 won an honorary James Beard award and in April were added back to the Chronicle's Top 100 restaurants and decided to be closed on Mondays "Best of all, their tacos are also fantastic (some say they're better than their burritos)"

  1. El Castillito 136 Church St b/t Reservoir St & Duboce Ave (628) 400-5723 "

Remarkably fresh and simple yet decidedly huge... we're not at El Castillito for the ambiance. We're there for the excellent al pastor, or the Super Carne Asada with no beans

  1. Garaje 475 3rd St b/t James Lick Fwy & Stillman St (415) 644-0838 SoMa's South Park for pre of post AT&T Park, with tons of seating and an eclectic menu of Mexican bar food and well-reviewed burgers and they serve a "burrito shoved into a panini press"

  2. Green Chile Kitchen 1801 McAllister St @ Baker St. (415) 440-9411

NoPa's entry on the list features great smothered burrito here "Christmas" style with both red and green sauces and a green chile roasted pork burrito

  1. La Espiga De Oro 2916 24th St b/t Florida St & Alabama St (415) 826-1363

Closes early homemade chips, Guatemalan tamales, and excellent pupusas besides fresh mex burrito reveiw Oct-2013

  1. The Little Chihuahua 581 Valencia St b/t 17th & 16th Sts (415) 355-9144

[plus 292 Divisadero St, at Haight Street , 4123 24th Street btwn Castro and Diamond] Their garlic shrimp burrito is consistently fantastic, although you can get mushroom and other vegetarian burrito options if your heart desires — and this is one of the only spots in town with actually vegan, non-larded beans.

  1. Mateo’s Taqueria 2471 Mission St b/t 21st & 20th Sts (415) 648-6000

Opened in 2016 by SF native Matt Ishak for vegetarians, there's the very un-boring Oaxaqueno burrito with crimini mushrooms, kale, Oaxacan cheese, mole, epazote, and pearl onions.

  1. Pancho Villa Taqueria 3071 16th St BART b/t Julian Ave & Caledonia St (415) 864-8840 "Pancho Villa is still riding high over Leah Garchik’s 2010 proclamation calling it the “French Laundry of taquerias,” Pick from 9 vegetarian options at the busiest taqueria in the Mission

Dolores the Movie

NOW PLAYING at SELECT THEATERS in SEPTEMBER Dolores Huerta is among the most important, yet least known, activists in American history. An equal partner in co-founding the first farm workers unions with Cesar Chavez, her enormous contributions have gone largely unrecognized. Dolores tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice alongside Chavez, becoming one of the most defiant feminists of the twentieth century૶and she continues the fight to this day, at 87. With intimate and unprecedented access to this intensely private mother to eleven, the film reveals the raw, personal stakes involved in committing oneૻs life to social change. Directed by Peter Bratt.

We all have inner voices, says musician Carlos Santana, now executive producer of the documentary “Dolores,” his first film. Some years back, one that ran through his head was that of his mother, Josefina Barragán de Santana, who died in 2009. She was insistent that her son shine a light on activist and United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta so that the world would know who the 87-year-old Huerta is.

September 15 through October 7 at the Victoria Theatre 2961 16TH ST

Ray of Light does REEFER MADNESS

Inspired by the 1936 propaganda film of the same name, this raucous musical comedy takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to marijuana, leading them on a hysterical downward spiral filled with evil jazz music, sex and violence. The addictive and clever musical numbers range from big Broadway-style showstoppers to swing tunes like ‘Down at the Ol’ Five and Dime’ and the Vegas-style ‘Listen to Jesus, Jimmy,’ featuring J.C. Himself leading a chorus of showgirl angels. Tickets

PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks. Always the 3rd Friday in Sepember

First Annual Valencia Street Wine Walk presented by


Police Chief Bill Scott favors Beat Cop solutions

Car break-ins up in Mission District by 182%, Mission Beat Cops to quadruple

The Police Department declined to specify how many officers would be reassigned to street patrols, but Chief of Police Bill Scott said the number citywide would nearly double to the “mid-100s.” The Mission District Station will see staffing of foot patrols increase fourfold. The change also includes the end of the City-wide SFPD car break-in task force whose members will now return to the ten district police stations.

Auto Glass Now on Bryant Street, shop manager Ru Das said business had been strong over the past couple of years. "It’s happening in broad daylight. ...They’re even breaking into cop cars,” he added. “We’re doing official police vehicles multiple times a week. We just did one yesterday.”

Citizens, politicians and results have long favored the success of a regular dedicated beat cop but the staffing has rarely ever been sustained beyond a reporting cycle. For example the well publicized Twin Peaks Vista murder, where a 71-year-old man was shot and killed during a robbery in July is now under control. With more police on patrol in that area, crime has plummeted since the killing, police said, with just one car break-in between July 17 and Aug. 16 — compared with nearly 40 in the prior seven months. Let's hope that Twin Peaks under Chief Scott's administration does not again regain its reputation as a magnet for crime.

New Tricks from an Old Dog Trick Dog Awarded 2017 World's Best Cocktail Menu Already awarded "World's Best Cocktail Menu in 2017" Trick Dog, the SF Mission cocktail bar, a partnership between cocktail consultancy the Bon Vivants and the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group (Flour + Water, Central Kitchen), introduced its 10th drink menu, which is named “What Rhymes With Trick Dog?” and is presented as a children’s book: glossy pink, vaguely Seussical.

Nightlife Hour Extension Defeated Senator Weiner's Bill allowing a Local Option to extend to 4am the Closing of Bars was "gutted" by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on September 1st, replacing the language of the bill with "a task force to study the implications of allowing bars to stay open later. “It’s embarrassing that California shuts down its nightlife so early,” Scott Weiner said. “Nightlife matters to our economy and culture, and California's one-size-fits-all approach to closing time needs to be reformed.”

Flavored Tobacco E-Cigarette Ban Heads to Ballot in SF

Supervisor Malia Cohen, whose district includes part of the Inner Mission, successfully urged her colleagues to stand behind the ban on flavored tobacco which will be heading to the June 2018 ballot following the receipt of 34,000 certified signatures supporting repeal of her legislation2'/. In her speech she called petition backer R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. "a notorious killer. Do E-Cigarettes Save Lives?

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, a physician and cancer survivor, is calling for reconsideration or a "go-slow approach" in the regulatory trend banning of e-cigarettes, hookahs and other novel products while exploring how to reduce nicotine in traditional cigarettes. Saying that current cigarette smoking kills at 15 times the rate of opioids, yet the promise of low nicotine cigarettes in combination with high nicotine e-cigarettes could dramatically reduce related deaths. Gottlieg is calling for “Envisioning a world where cigarettes would no longer create or sustain addiction, and where adults who still need or want nicotine could get it from alternative and less harmful sources.”

The brick-and-mortar store is supposed to be headed toward extinction. But technology, born in Silicon Valley and tested in Bay Area shops, just might come to the rescue. Hayes Valley Welcomes Chain Full Service Grocery Store: The empty since 2013, 25,300 sqft space at 555 Fulton will seek planning approval for New Seasons Market filling one of the small boutique neighborhood's 33 commercial vacancies. No opposition is expected. QUOTES: "I saw the change in the Mission and knew that whatever I was doing was going to work. Threconsideratione Mission has become not just a neighborhood for people to live there but also a destination for restaurants....There will be a lot of closures this year, and it's tough." Restaurateur Adriano Paganini taking to K.Burke of SF Business Times about how tough the Marina has become lately for restaurants. Paganini employs upwards of 1000 people in his many distinctive local restaurants including the Mission's Beretta and Lolinda

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