May 13, 2017



Part 1 of 2: Carnaval San Francisco Parade 2017 by CBS SF Bay Area



BY ARCHANA SINGH Photography: Adrian Sky (

California’s largest annual Multi-Cultural Celebration to take place Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 & 28, in San Francisco’s Mission District


Love makes you do lot of cute things like giving a nickname to something you love. And San Francisco is a city that has many nicknames – The City, City By the Bay, San Fran, The Golden City, San Fran and Frisco among many others. When the Spanish-speaking locals talk about their beloved city they don’t call it “Frisco” but Pancho, which is a common nickname for Francisco in Latin America, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard the 2017 theme is “El Corazon de San Pancho — The Heart of San Francisco.”


"San Franciscans built a city that values belonging, diversity, community-building, and multicultural arts,"

said Roberto Hernandez, Carnaval San Francisco’s artistic director.


"The ‘heart’ of this city is the value we place on culture, community and empathy toward one another."


The name San Pancho stands for San Francisco’s sense of unity, inclusion and multicultural pride. This year’s theme, “El Corazon de San Pancho — The Heart of San Francisco,” was chosen to pay homage to San Francisco’s enduring legacy as a place that has always embraced people from around the world with open arms. Whether they were refugees or the hippies or the members of the LGBT community. San Francisco always made room for more.

Part 2 of 2: Carnaval San Francisco Parade 2017 by CBS SF Bay Area


  • California’s largest annual multi-cultural celebration will take place a month before the city celebrates the 50th anniversary of its Summer of Love, and in honor of that milestone Carnaval San Francisco organizers plan to pay tribute to musical icons Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia, both San Francisco natives synonymous with the 1960s-counterculture movement.

  • This year’s theme also draws attention to the bond felt by residents, particularly during testing times. “We’re struggling with the city’s rising rents, evictions, displacement and limited access to economic opportunity,” said Hernandez. “An event like Carnaval San Francisco unifies the community and preserves its heart, soul and traditions. We’re recognizing that there’s a common struggle while promoting solidarity, compassion and creativity. We’re acknowledging that culture cures what ails us – ‘la cultura cura.’”

  • Carnaval San Francisco is organized by just five paid consultants but draws upon more than 500 volunteers passionately dedicated to cultivating and celebrating the Latino and Caribbean roots of the city’s Mission District.

  • If you are looking for love, this is the place to be. Over the past 39 years, many strangers have met at Carnaval San Francisco, fallen in love, got married and had babies.



GRAND CHAMPIONS: Fogo Na Roupa Grupo Carnavalesco Cultural


1ST PLACE: Danza Azteca Xipe Totec


2ND PLACE: Sistas-Wit-Style


3RD PLACE: Morenada para el Mundo 100% es Boliviana




1ST PLACE: Grupo Samba Rio and California Brazil Camp

2ND PLACE: Gente Da Cidade

3RD PLACE: Maracatu Pacífico



1ST PLACE: La Cumbiamba Colombiana

2ND PLACE: Kantuta Ballet Folklorico de Bolivia

3RD PLACE: Valverde Dance Theater



1ST PLACE: Moving Beyond Productions

2ND PLACE: Sherman Elementary School

3RD PLACE: Buena Vista Horace Mann 



1ST PLACE: Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

2ND PLACE: Mas Makers Massive

3RD PLACE: Karibbean Vibrationz 



1ST PLACE: SambaFunk! Funkquarians w/ King Theo

2ND PLACE: Loco Bloco

3RD PLACE: Viva La Diva



ONLINE: Watch a replay of the Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade in its entirety on

  • The 39th Annual Carnival San Francisco by Rohit Adukia
    [Full Video 126 minutes on a Tripod high above VIP stands at 21st & Mission]




    38. CultuCuba

    39. Karibbean Vibrationz

    40. Valverde Dance Theater

    41. United Rhythms

    42. Telemundo 48 and Xfinity Comcast

    43. Danza Azteca Xipe Totec

    44. Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble

    45. Distrito De La Amistad

    46. Comunidad Maya Yucateca del Area de la Bahia

    47. Fogo Na Roupa Grupo Carnavalesco Cultural

    48. Diaspora Fitness Mas Band

    49. Paixão

    50. ABADÁ-Capoeira San Francisco

    51. Ginga Brasil

    52. La Cumbiamba Colombiana

    53. Instituto de Cultura Raíces del Perú

    54. SambaFunk! Funkquarians w/ King Theo

    55. El Show de Pepe

    56. Northern California Zumba Fitness

    57. Conjunto Folklórico Panamá América

    58. WORKOUTTEMPS division of Dance of the Ancestors, Inc.

    59. Rueda Con Ritmo

    60. Proyección Folklórica Guatemala Xelaju

    61. Zorro & Zorro Jr.

    62. Star One w/ Wardell Walters

    63. Los Bomberos de San Francisco

    64. Flavaz of D' Caribbean

    65. Club 26 Mix

    66. Batalá San Francisco

    67. Sambos Caporales Central Bolivia and Sambos Caporales USA

    68. Parceros Salseros

    69. Morenada para el Mundo 100% es Boliviana

    70. San Francisco Giants

    2016 Carnaval San Francisco Parade Clips from youtube






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