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Balkanized Board of Supes; ELECTION 2018 Districts 6 & 8 --- Bike Chop Shop Legislation Debate --- Meet Daniel Lurie, Sonja Trauss & Rafael Mandelman--- Mayor Lee & MMA Prez Phil Lessor announce doubling of Trash Cans - "Yes We Can"; Tree Census list 125,000; Pay to Play at City Hall, Dist 8 Supe Jeff Sheehy; Should San Francisco have a predatory government?The Robbins & Benioff Free Lunch; Is SF City too Predatory by Jose Cisneros Treasurer, Nov-2016 Local Election Aftermath, coordinating Homeless Efforts, New SFUSD Board Members

Supervisor Races 2018 D2 - Schuyler Hudak*, Nicholas Josefowitz*, Kat Anderson*, Michela Alioto-Pier+ D4 - Katy Tang*, Daniel Kappler*, Adam Kim* D6 - Sonja Trauss*, Jason Lee Jones*, Matt Haney*, Christine Johnson D8 - Jeff Sheehy*, Rafael Mandelman*, Meaghan Zore*, Harold Brown*, Mark Gillick*, John Patrick Donohue* D10 - Uzuri Pease-Greene*, Shamann Walton*, Theo Ellington*, Tony Kelly*, Asale-Haquekyah Chandler*, Neo Veavea* Mayor 2019 Nominated Angela Alioto,former Supervisor, unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 1991 and 2003, Christopher Leon Brown Mike Caccioppoli, William Daugherty,formerly homeless man; Gina "Boom Boom" Guidi; Richie Greenberg, unsuccessfully ran for supervisor (District 1) in 2016; Robert L. Jordan, Jr.; Jane Kim, Supervisor (District 6), former president of the San Francisco Board of Education; Mark Leno, former Supervisor, former State Assemblyman, former State Senator Amy Farrah Weiss, Ran for mayor in 2015; Brianna Elizabeth Varner; Ellen Lee Zhao; Nominations will close January 5, 2018, Acting Mayor London Breed is expected to run for the office Incumbents in bold. Candidates declared have an asterisk (*) next to their names, and rumored candidates do +-Candicacy may be terminated by 2-term lifetime ballot initiative

District 5

BART Director Bevan Dufty, who is a friend of Michela Alioto-Pier, has said he won’t run for the London Breed's District Five seat, which could open in November if Breed enters and wins the mayor’s race in June.,_2018

A Balkanized Board Fixated on Neighborhood Interests by Rachel Swan November 14, 2017“I can definitely see fragmentation, division and not really paying attention to the big picture,” said former Supervisor David Campos, now the chairman of the San Francisco Democratic Party.

“Basically, the city has evolved to the point that supervisors act as manor lords of their realm,” said David Latterman, principal at the consulting firm Brick Circle Advisors, who worked on legislative campaigns for state Senator Scott Wiener and state Assemblyman David Chiu, among others. “There are few people on the board who are thinking about the big picture.”

Bicycle Sidewalk Chop Shops and the June 2018 Election Cycle

60% of City Bike thefts Occur in the Mission Termed out Supervisor Jane Kim succeeded in sending D8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy's Bicycle Chop Shop legislation back to committee with the support of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Exact details of how DPW will administer the program instead of SFPD are not clear.

In 2013, the Board of Supervisors approved legislation implementing a goal to reduce bike thefts by 50 percent by August 2018, However there been little change in the rampant crime and Bike Chop Shops brazenly operating adjacent to homeless encampments can often be the case. Legislation carried by Supervisor Jeff Sheehy is shaping up to be a defining issue for the next round of elections as many backing Rafael Mandelman including Aaron Peskin are opposing the legislation on the allegation that the law would criminalize homeless residents. There is worthwhile reader feedback on this Joshua Sabatini article pointing out how under current situation there is no recommended bike registry for serial numbers which would greatly aid in recovery and the usual merry-go-round blame game of SFPD saying even if the arrested it would not be worth the paperwork because the DA or Sherrif would release the perps before the paperwork was complete. 10JUL17

SFPD Watch

Auto Breakins Surging in 2017 &

In the first six months of the 2017, there have been a total of 1,162 reported thefts from locked vehicles in the Mission, according to the city’s data site. That’s a 35 percent increase from the same period last year. SFPD-Mission Captain Bill Griffin was promoted to Captain of the Traffic Division at the Airport Bureau in March 2016, before returning to lead Mission station in March 2017.

In the last week of July, an average of 132 people every day called 911 to report break-ins to their cars. But if you see that telltale sprinkling of broken window glass on the ground next time you return to your parked car, consider this: More often than not, police won’t respond if you call 911 to report it.

In that last week of July, police were dispatched on an average of 55 car break-in calls a day. The other 77? Nope. In general, police will respond if the break-in is in progress, if there’s info Surrmation about the suspect or if a weapon or passport has been stolen from the car.

Otherwise, call 311, file a police report online or visit your local police station to file one.

Mayoral Candidate Watch: Daniel Lurie Possible Challenger to the early rise of the Mark Leno -Aaron Peskin Coalition

Mr. Lurie is 40-year-old is the founder and CEO of Tipping Point Community, a nonprofit that recently announced a $100 million pledge to cut chronic homelessness in the Bay Area in half over the next five years. It plans to spend the money on creating permanent housing and tackling the root causes of homelessness by improving the mental health, child welfare, and criminal justice system

Housing Density Advocate Running for D6 SF Supervisor

3-way battle expected: Sonya Trauss, Matt Haney and Sunny Angulo

"We have the poorest residents, the wealthiest residents, the tech companies, many of the supportive services, and close to 50 percent of the city’s homeless count,” termed out Supervisor Jane Kim said.

"There’s a defining issue in every race, and in this one, it’s development,” said political consultant Jim Ross. All the population growth in San Francisco cannot be contained only in District Six,” the leading declared candidate Sonya Trauss said. “Other districts need to start building more. That’s going to be part of my legislative agenda.” Such ideas earned Trauss an early endorsement from Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, perhaps the most prominent of San Francisco’s moderate officeholders after Mayor Ed Lee. Former Mayor Art Agnos is trying to draft — Sunny Angulo, who lives in the Western Addition and will have to move to District Six if she enters the race. She worked for former D6 Supervisor Chris Daly and is chief of staff to progressive leader Supervisor Aaron Peskin. Homelessness is a big issue for the district voters and Angulo's position is evolved from prior office holders as she is more NIMBY.“In the years that I convened neighborhood meetings in District Six, people wanted social services in other parts of the city so that we weren’t absorbing all the burden,” Angulo said. The other candidate likely to vie for progressive votes is Matt Haney, a Board of Education member since 2012

Jim Lazarus, senior vice president of public policy at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce expects increased densitity for the new downtown neighborhood to be a key issue.“The planning staff proposed higher heights in the central SoMa plan, and condo owners in that area are pushing back,” he said

Randy Shaw Analysis: While Angulo has Kim and Peskin in her camp, Haney is a close associate of the nationally popular progressive, Van Jones. Haney’s other challenge is his unclear local political identity. He has maintained a good working relationship with Ed Lee, which is a disqualifying mark for some progressives. Yet Haney was recently featured in a photo promoting Rafael Mandelman’s D8 challenge to mayoral appointee Jeff Sheehy, clearly a nod to progressives. Maggie Muir, who ran Wiener’s race, is running Trauss’ campaign. No campaign consultant knows D6 better than Muir. Haney has already shown he can raise money. His past campaigns have been managed by Nicole Derse’s 50+1 Strategies, and I assume this one would be as well. Derse’s group is remarkably successful winning local elections. Trauss’ challenge is that she is deeply despised by some progressives. Expect a huge effort for supporters of both Angulo and Haney to get the other’s second choice votes.


Bay Area Renters Federation (BARF) leader Sonja Trauss is running for D6 supervisor which includes the Tenderloin and SOMA. “Sonja was ahead of her time,” Randy Shaw said, noting that she called for more housing before the conversation had grown hot. According to Shaw much of Trauss’ opposition came from the early fame she earned in national press, which may have chafed long-time neighborhood groups. But,“Sonja can’t be blamed for that,” he said. According to SF Ex columnist Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, two other major candidates are rumored to be in the running soon: Board of Education member Matt Haney and Sunny Angulo, a legislative aide to Supervisor Aaron Peskin.


Rafael Mandelman vs Jeff Sheehy in D8 (Noe Valley/Castro)

Well-known progressive Rafael Mandelman a City College of San Francisco trustee who is a graduate of Yale, Harvard and Berkeley, who works as a land use attorney for public agencies and affordable housing developers and, past president of the Noe Valley and Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic clubs has officially entered the race. Jim Stearns, a political strategist who works with progressive candidates, noted that Mandelman has taken centrist stances on the City College board and that the issues he cares about have broad appeal. “His specialty is building housing, which is an urgent need in this city,” Stearns said. Sheehy, perceived as the more moderate candidate, is an openly HIV-positive dad who came to San Francisco in 1989, working as a bike messenger before making a name in the city’s Democratic establishment. District 8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy held a April 2017 fundraiser attended by several City Hall allies, including Mayor Ed Lee and Board of Supervisors President London Breed. The district enjoys the City's highest voter participation and previously elected candidates for Mayor, Mark Leno and Bevan Dufty. Be interesting to see who BART Director Bevan endorses who has been a solid progressive vote lately on the Democratic Central Committee after being long identified with the Willie Brown/ Ed Lee Administration

Mixed Sheehy Review from Castro Courier on new Supervisor "Now, five months into his term, the Castro Courier set out to engage his office regarding homelessness in the Castro and to take a look at how he is managing his working hours as our City Hall representative."

SF Mayor Ed Lee and Mission Merchants President Phillip Lesser

SF doubling trash cans to reduce garbage on Mission Street

“Yes We Can”

By Lizzie Johnson April 4, 2017

“It is one of our top priorities to keep our streets and neighborhoods clean and livable,” Mayor Ed Lee said Tuesday. “To help maintain the beautiful nature of our city, we continue to explore different strategies, such as the Fix-It initiative and the Yes We Can pilot program, to help our thriving and active corridors.” Phil Lesser, president of the Mission Merchants Association, called Mission Street a special place because it bridges two BART stops. Trash has long been an issue, he said.“We need to keep the neighborhood special,” Lesser said. “A clean ship is a happy ship. That’s all we want.” The campaign came the day after finger pointing about the the huge amount of trash generated during the sun worshiping at Dolores Park the prior Sunday where trash receptacle overflowed and picnickers left dozens of bags of trash littering the lawns of the iconic park.

Dozens of comments with summation by Homer Hau: "Increase the number of trash cans and have a team of community helpers direct people to the trash cans and remind them to dispose of their trash properly. Have a police squad issue littering citations. Be tough on egregious offenders. What good is a law if it’s not enforced?"

Look up all 125,000 San Francisco Street Trees

Very impressive piece of potentially important cloud good government. Check on trunk diameter or tree species or tree condition in your sphere of influence. There is an upload photo option too for this initiative to harness citizen help in caring for 125,000 urban trees and their surrounding sidewalks. The EveryTree SF Census was a collaborative effort between the San Francisco Planning Department, San Francisco Public Works, Friends of the Urban Forest, and a group of “tree inventory specialists” called ArborPro. The City, by voter mandate is scheduled to take over 100% of sidewalk tree care later this year.

New Heightened Height Limits at Edge of the SF Mission District By J.K. Dineen 27Feb-2017 A off again on again deal for the City to sell both its 30 Van Ness and 1660-1680 Mission Street buildings, increase height maximum to 500 feet there and then build a new 460,000 sqft City office structure at 1500 Mission heads for final approval

"You pay to play here. We know that. We’re the best at the game,” former Human Rights Commission staffer Zula Jones said to an undercover FBI agent in one call, played on March 14, 2017 in the second day of the preliminary hearing for Jones,“We’re getting our ducks back in a row,” Jones said in one call. “For eight years, we’ve been sort of lost after Willie Brown left. But I told them this isn’t reinventing the wheel. It’s just getting it all back together.”

She bragged that she was trained in these ways by Brown, as was Lee.

“Willie Brown was just the best mayor. ... He’d just let you loose,” Jones said. “I’m just excited that Ed Lee, who also worked under the Willie Brown administration, is the mayor and knows what to do.”

Joanne Hoeper vindicated in battle against Graft at City Hall 17MAR 2017 A 5 year battle concluded with an unanimous jury decision in San Francisco Superior Court which found the city violated statutes under both the California Whistleblower Protection Act and False Claims Act in the firing of Joanne Hoeper.

“I am just so grateful,” Hoeper said Friday afternoon. “The 12 jurors looked at the same thing I saw back in 2012, and they were alarmed at what was going on in the city attorney’s office. I’m grateful, and I’m humbled.”

Hoeper, tipped off by property owners to irregularities with the city’s sewer payment programs, began an investigation in 2011 into fraud among sewer repair claims that were approved by city attorney staffers Michael Haase and Matthew Rothschild.

Hoeper, who had been a lead attorney in the department, said she suspected the staffers received kickbacks in exchange for directing about $10 million in public funds toward needless sewer repair payments.

Upon presenting the findings to City Attorney Dennis Herrera in 2012, Hoeper was transferred to the district attorney’s office before being fired in 2014.

"It’s not over until it’s over,” said John Keker, the $850/hour attorney representing troixing Bhe city attorney’s office. The Ethics Commission will begin considering reforms Over the coming months, the commission will hold “interested persons” discussions for feedback from the public. First up is at Room 400, City Hall, When: 5:30 p.m., Monday, March 27 2017

The Ethics Commission will begin considering reforms Over the coming months, the commission will hold “interested persons” discussions for feedback from the public. First up is at Room 400, City Hall, When: 5:30 p.m., Monday, March 27 2017

Bureaucracy Blues

Mayor Lee Failing at Fixing Broken Bureaucracy Lee’s urgent fix for SF’s 911 crisis remains hung up By Heather Knight August 12, 2017

"In a city that is a hotbed of technology and wealth, where the annual municipal budget is an astounding $10 billion, the failure to successfully provide this most basic service — and to make any progress so far in improving it — is mind-boggling."

Highest paid mayor in America more out of touch than ever by Susan Dyer Reynolds for the Marina Times APRIL 2017 ---News regarding SF's status for "worst streets" and a new champion to replace David Campos for spending on "Sanctuary City status

Mayor Ed Lee Appoints Jeff Sheehy Supervisor

6JAN 2017 Mayor Ed Lee is appointing the first openly HIV-positive person to the Board, Jeff Sheehy. Sheehy has been a longtime advocate for HIV/AIDS causes and has most recently been working as director for communications for the UCSF AIDS Research Institute.

"I will do whatever I can to support his work for the residents of District 8 and for San Francisco," said former D8 Supervisor and newly elected State Senator Scott Weiner. "Jeff is an extraordinary leader and exactly what we need right now — a strong, decisive, and passionate voice for our shared progressive values, and someone who deeply understands the needs of our neighborhoods."

“If you want someone who is a combination of policy smart, fearless and street fighter — that’s Jeff Sheehy,” said former D8 Supervisor and now BART director Bevan Dufty. “Plus he’s got instant cred as a public school parent. As a gay man who is a dad of a public school child, he is instantly relatable to 50 percent of the district that’s not LGBT.”

One of the major factors the mayor had to consider was who could survive an electoral challenge from CCSF Board of Trustee Rafael Mandelman, who has run strong before in D8 and might be consider a more doctrinaire member of the progressive voting block. Lee did not want to risk another of his appointees to the Board of Supervisors losing an election as two of his past three appointees have lost their elections — Christina Olague in 2012 to London Breed and Julie Christensen in 2015 to Aaron Peskin.

“He has had the reputation of being someone who hits below the belt and takes it too far,” said former D9 Supervisor David Campos — who has his own reputation for being truculent.

Sheehy has been especially critical of Supervisor Jane Kim. He told the Bay Area Reporter in June that Kim “doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on with people who have HIV and AIDS.”

Sheely is a resident of Glen Park — also a part of District 8 along with the Castro, Noe Valley, Twin Peaks, Diamond Heights, Duboce Triangle, and a piece of the Mission District including Valencia Street — where he lives with his husband, Bill Berry, and their daughter Michelle.

“I want to again make a plea that we act without rancor, we disagree civilly and we keep our eye on the ball so that we can defend ourselves against threats that are real to everybody in this community.” said the 59 year old Jeff Sheely said as reported by Emily Green for the San Francisco Chronicle

Jan 13 2017 Supervisor Sheehy bucks-trend- on welcoming Navigation Centers to his and Mayors's District 8. Centers


A soup kitchen proposed for 1928 Mission St. operated by French speaking nuns with the Fraternite Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth is set for approval by the Planning Commission on January 12, 2017 The nuns have operated a soup kitchen at 54 Turk St. in the Tenderloin since 2008, but they began searching for a new location last year after a steep rent increase was suspended through efforts of others.

They are being assisted by popular motivation speaker and life success coach Tony Robbins, who has offered to buy the Mission Street commercial condo space. Also Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. who was most recently in the news for opposing the Lucas Museum on Treasure Island and will soon have the tallest building on the West Coast named after his company has helped find a home for the nuns outside their soon to close soup kitchen near Turk and Market Street. Matt Dorsey, formerly with the City Attorney's office and now a publicist for Lighthouse Public Affairs is representing the nuns pro-bono, criticized opponents of the soup kitchen for “stigmatizing homeless people.”

The 1930 Mission HOA [homeowners association] as well as by the owners of a nearby building. The two groups have filed a request for discretionary review that will go before the Planning Commission on Thursday.

The homeowners association argues that the kitchen will draw long lines of homeless people that will inevitably congregate outside the building. "The Association does not dispute that feeding the homeless is a wonderful thing to do. However, the Project Site is not the appropriate location," the association wrote in its letter requesting the Planning Commission review the project. "There is simply no way to accommodate the hundreds of homeless persons who will congregate outside at the location to gain entry to the 35 seats inside." The use “serves a clientele that has already proven to bring crime, graffiti, substance abuse, and panhandling” said a representative for the 1924 Mission St. owners, Sahu Brothers LLC., in an application for a discretionary review to the Planning Commission. “Allowing the proposed use will cast a long, dark shadow over the future of the otherwise bright future of the Mission District,”

The sisters seem to impress everyone and have the support of a number of community groups including MEDA ( Mission Economic Development Agency) and the Mission Neighborhood Health Center. “I can’t imagine a more compassionate, appropriate service to come to the Mission,” Supervisor Hillary Ronen expressed to Kevin Fagan of San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, said the nuns bring “a motherly love to what they do.”

The proximity to the City's first Navigation Center at 1950 Mission [opened in October 2015) is being cited as a good synergy. The sisters currently serve around 250 meals for lunch three days a week at their Turk Street site, bake pastries for sale elsewhere and make dinners that are taken to United Nations Plaza and the Bayview, according to their letter responding to the homeowners. The existing site is well managed and has not been the source of problems, the letter states.


Should San Francisco have a predatory government?-by Jose Cisneros Treasurer

"After the election, it is now more important than ever that we advance solutions that reflect our values. Solutions will only come from us, and only if we put politics aside and come together. We need to balance inclusion with innovation, and compassion with common sense. We are both the city of St. Francis and the epicenter of the new economy. We need to embrace the best of both.

"According to emerging research, San Francisco levies more fines per capita than most California counties. Also, we assess more fines per capita than Philadelphia, Louisville, Ky., or Nashville, which are comparable city/county localities. I couldn’t live with a financial system that preyed on people who look like me. But I’m also the official debt collector for the city. I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable when our local government levies fines on people who cannot afford to pay them. Basically, we are guilty of a form of predatory government. Read the entire 28NOV-2016 open forum article here.

Jose Cisneros has recently become the highest elected Latin official in the City and County of San Francisco and depending on Mayor Ed Lee's appointment for Supervisor in D8 may also be the highest elected gay leader. More at

Governor Jerry Brown is trying to temper this trend with the 2017 state budget which removes automatic suspension of a Driver's License for non-payment of the exorbinate padded fees that have been added to the original more modest penalty.

NOV 2016 Election Wrap Up & Analysis

Supervisor now State Senator elect Scott Wiener, proposed Prop R, which would have created a neighborhood crime unit in the city's police department, was defeated by 54.4 percent of voters. while with Prop G, the voters did yet again pass increased oversight powers for the Office of Citizen Complaints which oversees SFPD.

Prop. E received almost 80% approval to transfers responsibility for the maintenance of trees from property owners to the city. Sponsored by Scott Weiner the vote was a push back to an increasingly burdensome City bureaucracy trying to transfer problems into ways to fine citizens. The thick evergreen Ficus trees planted by the City decades ago have become increasingly dangerous with heavy limbs capable of death and destruction yet despite reports to the contrary, few property owners or their arborists have been able to obtain permits to remove the ficus trees despite a number of high profile failings of limbs. The trees also known as Indian Laurel Fig trees (Ficus microcarpa ‘Nitida’) are quite dramatic on Lower 24th St but at least now DPW's attempt to transfer responsibility completely to property owners for street tree mainteance has been rolled back by Wiener's proposition. [Photo: Scott Weiner addresses the Mission Merchants at the Latin American Club in 2015.]

Who Will Replace Scott Wiener in D8?

Valencia Street is in D8 or the Castro Supervisorial District so Mayor Ed Lee, who will not be leaving for a Federal Housing gig after all, will be making a major local appointment soon. Bevan is Back

BART: Former D8 Supervisor, aid to Latina Supervisor Susan Leal and up until recently, Mayor Lee Homeless Czar Bevan Duffy is the new local BART director replacing retiring 5 term BART Board President Tom Radulovich who will continue to run the popular City Streets program as the director of Livable City. Our neighborhood workhorse BART did pass the 2/3 voter threshold so it can at least begin planning for its much needed and overdue second Bay crossing. Unfortunately the Bernal BART station was not mentioned as part of this $3.5 billion dollar package. Tom's Retirement Party is Friday, November 18 at 6 PM - 9 PM at METREON 135 4th St more

Prop. S Arts fund defeated In 2013 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors abruptly removed the dedicated mechanism for funding the arts — created in 1961 through the hotel tax — after chipping away at this broadly replicated funding mechanism for years. The Hotel Room Tax is a 14% tax levied on all hotels and Airbnb rentals. Hotel Tax revenues have grown over time, from $19 million in the 1978-1979 fiscal year to $380 million currently. However most Arts groups have seen their meager allocations remain static or effectively decrease due to inflation during this time. Even now with San Francisco's revenue up dramatically in the last few years, the Mission biggest annual arts event, the Carnaval Parade & Festival is expected to get just the same amount of funding it has received the last 15 years. The Prop S campaign did not make this case and instead ran as a unclear coalition to provide Homeless funding and failed to win the broad support and more particularly, the endorsements a 2/3 vote requires getting an encouraging 62.9 percent of votes.

The Arts is one of the Mission's biggest industries with a symbiotic relationship to its great popularity as one of San Francisco's favorite places for food and drink. Arts funding historically is often the victim of more efficient lobbying. Let's hope this measure is redrafted for the next ballot.

Another Mission District industry impacted by the November vote will be Cannabis dispensaries. Note the google/yelp map showing a concentration of 6 of the top marijuana medical clinics are in the North Mission corridor. Exactly how this lucrative and burgeoning industry changes in the near future with the legalization and new local regulations will be fascinating and much speculated upon.

Homeless Encampments and the Mission District

Supervisor Mark Farrell's Proposition Q, which banned tent encampments on sidewalks, passed with 52.8% but his two measures effecting affordable housing [Propositions P (more builders) & Q (increased income eligibility) were soundly defeated by 67.3 & 64.9 percent of voters respectively.

Homeless encampments ruled by alleged criminal elements has

been a major concern for

merchants in the NorthEast Mission which has two collaborative business groups headed by Gwen Kaplan [NEMBA] and Candace Combs [Mission Creek Merchants] seeking solutions. Meetings with Supervisor David Campos and SFPD-Mission Police Captain Daniel Perea have had limited success despite extra efforts by Supervisor Campos as reported by Merchant oriented

Post Election Update by : 2016/11/tent-encampment-measure-passes-but-implementation-remains-unclear

Michael Weinstein, the controversial founder of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, was defeated again in his 4th attempt to impose new laws on the adult film industry in California. If the Prop 60 measure attacking the porn industry by allowing anyone to sue porn performers had passed, local Armory business would have had to reevaluate its business model. "Proposition 60 would allow any resident of California to sue anytime they don't see a condom in an adult film," Mike Stabile, a spokesperson for told SFGATE. Propositions D, H, L and M were billed by progressive supporters as good government measures, but seen as undermining the accountability of the Office of the Mayor by business interests and Mayor Ed Lee. They were defeated.

Rezoning for a 2nd Downtown? The downtown boom in office towers has actually been regulated by city's annual 950,000-square foot limit and no longer has a built-up cushion. So the passage of Proposition O, which permanently exempts new office space in Candlestick Point and Hunters Point from the limit is expected to mean a shift to some taller projects in our fastest expanding neighborhood served regionally by Caltrain and the still expanding T Metro whose subway portion is expected to begin operation late in 2018.

The Missing Billion$ This tech boom is considered responsible for the San Francisco City and County budget rising from $6 billion to approaching $10 billion since Mayor Lee took office. It appears that many more are wondering where the money is going as San Francisco voters changed past patterns on approving sales tax and defeated Prop. K with a No vote of 65.05% and 163,331 votes versus 87,749 Yes votes or 34.95% leaving the total sales tax rate in the city at 8.75 percent. After December 31, 2016, the overall sales tax in San Francisco will be reduced to 8.5%. Supervisor Aaron Peskin, the only Supervisor to vote against the budget which assumed passage, also predicted the measure's failure after submitting a paid ballot argument against the sales tax hike, arguing it is “balancing our budget on the backs of the poorest and most vulnerable in our city” and that within The City’s existing $9.6 billion budget, “City Hall should address critical issues.”

The sugar drink tax opposed as burdensome by Merchant groups in its first attempt at voter approval in 2014 when it needed a 2/3 majority was less cumbersome and imposed at the wholesale level based upon the successful Berkeley model. In San Francisco, Proposition V won joining Oakland and Albany in approving the tax with a 62% approval and which is expected to now be more widely adopted.

California's 17-item ballot drew close to half a billion dollars in spending and San Francisco had many new players in the big money category. Yet big money was often not decisive for many items on a crowded and historic election.

Visit for complete results.

April-2017 The San Francisco Board of Education selected Vincent Matthews to serve as the next school superintendent. "We wanted to make sure that we picked the best leader for the district, focused on student equity, social justice, and improving the climate for our educators and school personnel," board President Shamann Walton said. San Francisco public school district began its search for a permanent superintendent in the fall of 2016 after former Superintendent Richard Carranza announced he had accepted a position in Houston, Texas.

Both New SFUSD Board Members from Mission District

Mission District residents Mark Sanchez and Stevon Cook were elected to the San Francisco Unified School District on November 2016. The complex election cycle saw all four of the Teacher's Union [] endorsed candidates elected to the four available positions.