January 24, 2017

MEDA does the Royal Cuckoo, Mission and Valencia Merchants get compromise imposed by Planning- Upzone Option effective 2018, New 17th & Folsom Park, Getting What We Deserve, 1296 Shotwell vs. 1515 So Van Ness, ZSFG Again, & PDF+SFmade, Calle-24

Royal Cuckoo License at 19th & Mission Threatened by MEDA
Mom and pop show owners Paul Miller and  Debbi...

January 9, 2017

Ronen Pushes Bureaucray for Affordable Housing Sooner than Later
By Dominic Fracassa and J.K. Dineen May 21, 2018
"Planning has been better in speeding up pre-entitlements. But we are not seeing that focus post-entitlement. Of the seven approved projects in the Mission, not a single one has broken ground. I’m tired of it.” said Supervisor Hillary Ronen ab...

Balkanized Board of Supes; ELECTION 2018 Districts 6 & 8 --- Bike Chop Shop Legislation Debate --- Meet Daniel Lurie,  Sonja Trauss  & Rafael Mandelman--- Mayor Lee & MMA Prez Phil Lessor announce doubling of Trash Cans -  "Yes We Can"; Tree Census list 125,000; Pay to Play at City Hall, Dist 8 Supe Jeff Sheehy;  Should San Francisco have a predatory gove...

January 4, 2017

Critical Ridge Trail Gaps in SF Water Shed Slowly Opening

In 2016 the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, which owns the wildlife refuge surrounding the San Andreas and Crystal Springs reservoirs was called upon by three San Francisco Greater Mission Supervisors, John Avalos, David Campos and Scott Weiner to stick to its original plan to open up t...

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