The two peninsulas forming the Golden Gate are known the world over for their beauty, great weather and as a global epicenter of education and innovation. Soon after the bridge connecting them was built the San Francisco Bay Area held a World's Fair on Treasure Island which featured the symbol of Pacifica. Both the City of Pacifica and the Goddess Pacifica encompass  the old and new.  The name chosen for the City of Pacifica was by popular acclaim in 1957  based on the 80-foot statue by sculptor Ralph Stackpole, which was created as the centerpiece theme for the Golden Gate International Exposition. Two of the sculptor’s working models of the goddess Pacifica have prominent  places at front stairs of City Hall and in the City Council Chambers. The name Pacifica means “peace” in Spanish and also meant the newly incorporated joined the State of California as one of the few places named after a fictional Goddess.